Terry lodahl, Owner and Operator of Lodahl Professional Painting and Window Cleaning, is an outstanding professional who has more then 15 years of exceptional experience and knowledge in interior painting and refinishing; specializing in high end lofts and condos.
He is highly trained in the use and integration of both traditional and advanced paint applications in order to ensure that painting procedures are done efficiently and he is a true perfectionist with the ability to create razor sharp cut lines.

Terry thoroughly enjoys being a master painter and brings a positive attitude to every job. Terry prides himself on his ability to run a company and be a family man.
Thank you in advance for your business and God bless.

Terry also has 4 years of high rise commercial and residential window cleaning experience.

At Lodahl Professional, painting is our Passion. We pride ourselves on maintaining high standards of both workmanship and ethics.

Lodahl Professional will always be to the job site on time and will always get the job done within the quoted timeframe.
We are meticulous in every phase of our work. From making sure our customers have all of the information they need to make material and color choices, to protecting furnishings and floors, to prep work and paint application.
Lodahl professional will protect all surfaces during painting by covering surface with proper paper and tape. Including keeping a neat and organized work area. You will not even know we were there at the end of every day.
We also return all furnishings back to where they belong and re-hang decor, saving you the trouble.
Lodahl Professional has extensive skill in applying coatings and/or caulking and completing repairs to interior surfaces by repairing drywall.

Do you have a new construction project? If so, we have the ability to coordinate with contractors during new construction. Including, communicating with architects, contractors and the owner in order to help the project runs smoothly.
Lodahl Professional Painting offers residential and commerical painting to the Greater Kansas City Area. We are a family owned business .

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